Can Locksmiths Install Keypad Locks

A keypad door lock is a great new lock technology which uses keypads and pin numbers for locking instead of using a lock and key. It is one of the great security technological advancements which have come up in the recent ages. It is therefore imperative to have the knowledge as to whether or not a locksmith can install this kind of lock. This is because, it is quite expensive and rather time consuming to always go to the manufacturers to get things done.

Advantages Of A Keypad Lock

1. First of all, it is a very convenient type of lock. It is basically a keyless system, and one does not go through the misfortune of forgetting their keys inside a room or a locker. Losing your keys and not being able to get into your house will also been a thing of the past. The challenge of always carrying your key set everywhere you go to gets eliminated, and one can go about their daily hustles without this kind of worry. That you may have forgotten your home keys in the office or vice versa.

2. Another advantage is that no one will attempt to make your keys duplicate because you actually do not have keys!

3. The only thing that one will need to recall is their unlock key number or pass code.

4. The pass code is easily changed and one does not have to keep only one. They can change this number as frequently or as infrequently as they wish. This in turn wards off any potential uninvited visits from unknown or even known people.

5. Easily changeable pass codes enable the property owner to not change their lock as frequently, or even their keys. This is turn saves on finances and resources.



Can Locksmiths Install Keypad Locks

A keypad door lock is a good security item when installed correctly. It can also be a security threat if not well installed or if even remotely compromised. This is why any person who wants to install it into their home or commercial building asks themselves if a locksmith can and should install this lock for them.

A locksmith sure can install this system for people. They are a convenient choice for people who are keen on saving and yet would like to have the best security system that they can have. A customer should look out for a locksmith who has a good reputation of their work. This locksmith should in the first instance visit the premises to study the lock system, and hence have a structure to suit your lock system.

The locksmith most importantly should be trustworthy. The technicians working on your door system should be licensed, so that they are answerable somewhere, when a breach occurs. If it is a locksmith company, talk to their customer care line and find out what other services come with their offer and know if the services give value addition to what you pay for.


A Keypad door lock is a reliable installation to a commercial and a home building, as well as other areas that require locking. Locksmiths have been tried and tested to install great keypad locks which can be relied upon.