Tax Numbers

Providing you with tax number assistance around the world

For anyone wanting to work in their home country or abroad, it’s essential to have a tax number. Tax numbers are issued by governments and used to keep track of citizens at work, and to make sure that their tax contribution is correct and up-to-date. You’ll need a tax number when applying for just about any position in a foreign country, from banking to hospitality, and even studying; and if you fail to request one, you may find yourself being unfairly taxed at the highest rate, or unable to gain employment in the first place.

As well as being used to pay tax, tax numbers are important should you need to receive government benefits, tax breaks or discounts, and loans. In some countries you will even need a tax number to set up a utility bill account. People often ask us the best way to apply for tax numbers and how they can do this internationally. My Finance Advisor can take care of any applications for you and provide you with tax numbers for:

• Australia
• New Zealand
• Canada

We can also help you navigate the difficulties of tax systems and laws in foreign countries and languages, and ensure that your tax number application is successful. In the UK, we’re used to a tax number being called a National Insurance number, but they have different names and levels of difficulty in obtaining them in foreign countries.

In the US, their tax number is called a Social Security Number and in Canada, it’s a Social Insurance Number. Our international team have extensive experience in applying for tax numbers throughout the world and do this on a daily basis. Because we understand that all things tax can be rather taxing, we can take care of the entire process for you, just by taking down some personal details.

The main issue with tax numbers is to make sure that you have one. Many people erroneously believe that if they change their jobs or lose their numbers, they will need a new tax number, but tax numbers are almost always assigned for life and we will always hold your information and numbers on our secure server so you don’t have to worry about where you left your details.

Many expatriates working abroad leave the country without filing a tax return that could have been worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We can assist anyone who needs a tax number, has a tax contribution query, or wants to request a tax refund. We can also arrange tax numbers for corporations to assign to their employees when working overseas on contract. So if you’re working abroad or about to be, then contact us today. We’re ready to take over your taxes.

The Importance Of Weighing Your Options Carefully Before Considering Consolidation

You may have already done a lot of research about the benefits of consolidation when it comes to eliminating old debts. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that not all lenders are the same, and there are many different strategies you can follow, some of which may be very suitable for others, but not so good in your case.
By weighing in your options carefully, choosing the best methods for getting out of debt and making sure you hire the right experts to help you along your path, you stand a far better chance at coming up with the best unique way to manage your debts in the long run.

Choosing Suitable Consolidation Methods

Consolidating your debt is overall easy to understand, however, there is no single method available that works for everyone ( The following are considered the best solutions for people having to cope with paying back high interest credit cards, personal loans or student loans:
• When it comes to credit card debts, you can choose to consolidate all the credit cards you own into a single card. If the creditor charges only a small amount of interest – or even no interest at all for a small period – then this can be a truly advantageous option.
• A debt consolidating loan from a bank or credit union is also a good idea for credit card payments, especially since even unsecured bank loans often offer better interest than most credit card providers.
• For some people, home equity loans can be an excellent consolidation method, since these types of loans often come with some form of tax-related advantage, especially if you’re a borrower who itemizes deductions.
• Finally, for consolidating student loans, there are a number of government funded options that will help you put all your debts in order.

Seeking Help from the Best Experts

If you don’t qualify for any credit or loan, you might think you’re alone and helpless, but there are actually numerous organizations that deal with exactly this type of problem. Credit-counseling services and debt relief organizations work closely with people to help them renegotiate their loans and debts, acting as knowledgeable intermediaries.
Asking for help from these types of institutions will often provide you with surprising benefits and solutions you may not have thought about in the past.
Also, there are numerous consolidation experts out there who will be more than happy to help you get all the right information before making your decisions, and assist you in coming up with the best long term debt consolidating strategies.